There is always a dilemma in our household about whether to dress up or go casual on Christmas day, over the years we’ve witnessed a variety of styles and fashions, from the hideous xmas jumper trend, through to grunge. My sister-in-laws always go for a glamorous look whereas I’ve always opted for comfortable but chic. But 2009 is a year of change, with the rise and rise of big and bold necklaces, I’ve decide to glam it up at the dinner table.

I love the idea of still sneaking in a bit of casual though, so will be doing this with a pair of gorgeous (but stretchy) leggings, paired with a cute little pair of knee length boots (obviously these will be swapped for wellies when we go out for our obligatory forest walk).

I will be teaming all of this with a gorgeous black tunic jumper and then topping it with a big, silver ball cluster necklace, a bit like the one off the ‘here come the girls Boots advert’ and with an oh-so-on-trend large Murano glass cocktail ring – I think I’ll feel glitzy but still in my comfort zone.

So with this in mind, I’ve also come up with some tips for styling over the Christmas holidays

Christmas eve drinks down the pub – a lovely black polar neck teamed with a silk shift dress with a sexy and modern patent leather belt, thick black tights, ever so high (almost can’t walk in them – but good if you are staying put in one place) patent leather shoes. Classic very long silver necklace and a lovely pussy bow hairband.

Boxing day at the relatives – now obviously this will depend on whether you have an annual table tennis competition in your house, or whether general drinks and a catch up is the usual. So for the former (our families choice), a lovely soft long black sweater/tunic with embellished beads around the neckline for added and easy glitz (it also ensures no necklace detachment during a vigorous backhand!), flat and chunky knee high boots. All the rest of the glamour can come in the form of a set of beautiful silver bangles – great for making a distracting noise whilst playing table tennis.

Trip to Panto – a British classic, to take the children and usually a few elderly relatives to shout ‘he’s behind you’ at oddly dressed men-folk in ladies frocks. But style is important wherever you go, so a lovely long military style coat, knee high boots (flat and chunky biker style) deep purple (this seasons hot colour) satin pussy bow shirt and black stretch skirt. A lovely very large amethyst cocktail ring, over-long silver charm necklace to drop at tummy-button level and a cute silver charm bracelet. Don’t forget you will need an over-sized handbag to carry everything in so go for Purple patent too.



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