Tips on Choosing the Best Bulldog Puppy

You’ve seen a sign for bulldogs for sale and think that a stocky and cute bulldog puppy will be a great addition to your home. While this is probably true, there are a few things you should know about this dog breed and how to choose a puppy to ensure you are getting the best one to fit in with your family.

English bulldogs are short dogs, but while they are short, they are strong, muscular and stocky in appearance. They all have large heads and a wide muzzle, French bulldog under $1000 often completed with adorable wrinkles. The advantage to these dogs is their short coat, making it easy to manage.

Seeing a sign or adverts for bulldogs for sale, doesn’t mean you should rush out and purchase one. It’s advisable to do your homework, learn as much as you can about the breed and then make an informed decision on whether this is the right dog choice for you.

Firstly you need to ensure you purchase only from a reputable breeder that is a member of the Bulldog Club of America, this way you know you are getting a pedigree dog that has been bred with temperament and health in mind.
English bulldogs are prone to breathing problems and skin infections, so only purchasing from a breeder can reduce the risk of your new puppy having these unwelcome problems.

Most breeders will not advertise bulldogs for sale as a poster outside their home, they will advertise on quality forums and websites where they know that their puppies will go to forever homes.

English Bulldogs originated in the British Isles and soon became a top choice for anyone looking for a guard dog, but this isn’t the case anymore these dogs can make loving family pets as long as you pay careful attention to the puppies temperament when you arrive at the breeder.

Any bulldogs for sale should be available to view and you should meet the mother as well. Meeting the mother helps you ensure the puppy you choose will have a gentle temperament. If you arrive and the mother is growling or looks as though she’s about to attack your toddler, then rather start looking for other bulldogs for sale.

Remember that while they are small dogs, they are very strong dogs, so you don’t want to take the risk of hoping that they will not have behavioral problems, rather buy your puppy from a reputable breeder that can ensure that the puppy you take home is healthy and has a good temperament from the start.

When replying to bulldogs for sale adverts always ensure you are not contacting a puppy farm, but rather a breeder that treats all their dogs as family pets. A breeder that has included the puppy in their home, as part of their own family from the minute they were born, this way you know the puppy is already socialized before you take it home.

Always take time meeting each available puppy, check their nostrils to ensure they are wide. You don’t want a puppy where the nostrils are pinching, as this will increase the risk of breathing problems later on. Another consideration is that while wrinkles are gorgeous and probably one of the main reasons you love these dogs so much, too many wrinkles can also cause problems later on.

Once you have chosen your puppy, you can pay your deposit and start getting your home ready. All breeders should only hand your new puppy over when they are over eight weeks old, some breeders will let you take them home at eight weeks, while others will wait until they are at least nine or ten weeks.