The United States of America is a Franchise System of States

Have you ever considered that so many of the greatest or longest lasting organizations resemble a franchise system? It is true and as I have been studying this for some 30 years. Consider some of the organizations that are successful these days. We have the Catholic Church one of the longest running religions of mankind and it is a franchise system, just study its structure some time and you will agree.  aec 教育顧問 

The United States is also a franchise. Consider that the Federal Government is the Franchisor and the State Government are Master Franchises and the Counties are regional developers with the cities being the franchisees and all us citizens; yes, well we are the Customers you see? In fact the United States government and our nation has now become the greatest country in the history of mankind. Why? Because it is a franchise.

Perhaps we should franchise all nations of the world and concentrate on the global citizens and customers some day? It would sure be a much better World and it would certainly be better than that Al Qaeda brand franchise system they are trying to promote out there. We should beware of any bad franchises out there because of the power of franchising. Lets use the franchise system to unite the world in a common cause and not divide it; Okay? Consider this in 2006.