With Uranus in Aries making challenging aspects to the other planets, we’re going to see BREAKTHROUGHS in every field.

Medical Breakthroughs
When Pluto went into Capricorn at the end of 2008, and Uranus went into Aries during the spring of 2011, this was the start of huge breakthroughs in medicine and in anti-aging research. Tech New Master

More and more scientists are coming to an agreement that we can live to at least 150 years and be in GOOD HEALTH.

Except for a very small minority, no one wants to age and die. Most of use would like to discover the secret of eternal youth, health and vitality. And now, with the advent of the Age of Aquarius, with our information age gathering momentum, this is becoming a possibility and by the middle of this century or sooner it will probably be a reality.

There are scientists whose research is showing that we can maintain, renew and upgrade our physical bodies and enable them to live healthily for many more years and possibly even forever. Twenty years ago, this information would have been unheard of. It’s not quite mainstream yet, but I don’t think it’s far off.

Only last year, Google started a company called Calico which is dedicated to solving the problems of aging.

Stem cell therapy is becoming more and more popular, despite the fact that governments are aggressively regulating it.

Who would have heard of saving your baby’s stem cells? This is becoming more and more widespread and what was once a prohibitive cost is gradually becoming more accessible to the majority. It’s not quite there yet, but it didn’t take long for the mobile phone to be so inexpensive that even people in the 3rd world have access to it. I have no doubt that within the space of maybe 5 or 10 years that this will be something offered to parents as a matter of course.

For adults, it’s not too late either. There are stem cell banks opening up everywhere around the world. It’s still in the early stages, but what was once at least $100000 is now down to around $3000-10000 and I have no doubt that within a very short space of time, as the technology for stem cells advances further, and more positive results ensue, that this will become accessible to the vast majority.

With Pluto in Capricorn involved in this grand cross, governments and the powers that be will not want to lose their control. So I am expecting that they will try to make it difficult for us to access our stem cells, they may place huge taxes on the technology, and somehow they will try to suppress our freedoms. This is where Uranus in Aries has to come in and lead the way. Uranus is all about the new. It rules astrology and anything that is not necessarily accepted by the masses. And you can certainly say that about astrology.

Scientists are predicting that we can have no age related ill health. Elderly people will be able to contribute wealth rather than deplete it from our systems, they will be able to retrain for new careers and best of all they won’t be a burden on their children.

Disability is going to be a thing of the past. No longer will people have to be confined to wheelchairs, to suffer blindness, deafness and many other afflictions. These will all be mastered as technology and medicine unite.

The latest technologically made limbs are stronger, more flexible and durable than our actual body. Technology is making the way for all kinds of gadgets to be worn outside the body that will protect it from injury during exercise, and also enable us to do far more things than we can currently even dream of.

Isn’t this exciting news?

Financial and Economic
Since the near-total collapse of the financial system in 2008, it’s evident that our economies and our financial structures need to urgently change.

The greatest news is, that over time, an economy based on scarcity is giving way to an economy of abundance, changing the very nature of society.

With the advent of 3-D printers, free online education and open-source software, this is going to change the world and how business is done.

We are gradually moving away from the materialistic model of people wanting MORE, MORE, MORE… and it’s never enough, to a new economy where so many of the things that we want and need will be FREE.

Let’s start with FREE ENERGY.
Germany already produces 25% of its energy through solar and wind power. They have achieved this in just 7 years. The big electricity companies have gone out of business and they now hold less than 7% market share. This trend is set to continue in Germany and other countries are beginning to follow suit.

Rapidly advancing technology and the huge reduction in costs are enabling people to create free resources using the power of the sun and the wind. This is going to continue.

Climate change – the major threat
With duality in our world, there is always another side to the situation that needs to be examined.

We mustn’t underestimate the impact that climate change can and will have.
With Neptune in Pisces we are already seeing flooding and major water catastrophes around the world. Remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more hurricanes, tsunamis, sinkholes, roads just collapsing even while cars are driving on them (like the one in Maryland this week)… volcanoes erupting, more droughts and extremes in climate.

As a result, our food and our water supplies are going to be at risk. So no matter how wonderful the technology is around us, without our basics, we are not going to survive. As an eternal optimist, I don’t envisage that the whole planet will be consumed with disasters, but there will be many places that may become uninhabitable. The advantage of our technology and my hope is that help and moving people to safer places can happen more quickly than ever before.

Technology going EXPONENTIAL
No one would have thought in 1989 with the launching of the World Wide Web that just 25 years later, the massive adoption of the internet, the pc, the tablet, the iphone and the imminent wearable technology would happen so quickly.

Things that used to take years and generations to overcome and to change are happening within 5 years or less now. It’s tremendously exciting on the one hand, but also can be very frightening on the other. Let me explain why.

As a result of this huge upsurge of technology that utterly changes our lives, we are moving towards an age of automation of many of the tasks that needed labour. More and more people are finding that they are not employable or the skills that they learned have been taken over by robots. There are factories now that are utterly automated. Google has its fleet of automated vehicles and it’s growing. Soon we will have vehicles that are run on solar energy or fuel cells and we won’t need oil and to destroy our world in order to transport ourselves and goods around the planet.

What is the Age of Aquarius all about?
Aquarius is all about social justice, equality, resources for all, not just the wealthy few. This is what is starting to change:

Aquarius is an air sign – and it rules the air waves – how appropriate that our internet is run along invisible air waves. As an air sign, it specialises in communication, but it wants communication for everyone for the good of the whole. That’s the key difference between Aquarius and the other air signs. Gemini is interested in its environment, in learning, in sharing information. Libra is interested in sharing with a partner, while Aquarius wants to share with humanity as a whole.
And this is the Age of Aquarius that is now happening.

It’s now a SHARING community
People directly engage with each other.


The future is the end of work in the way we have known it. That’s the reason so many people are feeling lost, directionless, unsure which direction to go in. We are between paradigms: some are living in the old paradigm, a few have moved to the new one and the vast majority are somewhere in between the two.

I predict that with AI, robotics, virtual retailing, workerless factories, driverless cars, where the notion of work and its place in our lives is going to be transformed.
Here’s the exciting part: the AGE OF AQUARIUS is heralding SOCIAL NETWORKS, a CONNECTED and CARING WORLD.

More and more people will work in culture, sports, arts, human community and thus bringing meaning into our world. It’s so exciting and inspiring!!

With so many free resources, studies are showing that the majority want meaningful work. They want to have easy access to transportation and goods, but they don’t necessarily want to own everything. Instead of being money-motivated, their first priority is soul satisfaction.

With Mars still in Libra, the unrest and the threat of war in the Ukraine and Russia is very real. In July of this year, Jupiter goes into Leo and will strengthen Uranus in Aries, the power of the people, but there will be more tension with its quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. The powers that be will try more and more underhanded ways to control us, to dupe us, to rob us of our freedom. Tech New Master

However, we the people have more power in our hands than we’ve ever had. We might not yet realise it because we are still being swamped with lies and nonsense from mainstream media. But many are awakening, and if you are reading this article, you are definitely ready for something new. This is a perfect time for us to come together, to find new ways of working together and to bring about a brighter and happier world.


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