Spas – The Total Canadian Experience

In a sense Canada has it all. It has great cities – Montréal and Vancouver being perhaps the best of a choice lot. In the immense countryside — skiing, sailing and wilderness viewing that goes on forever. Because it is so large visiting Canada all in one trip is a massive undertaking.

Over 5,000 Kilometres separate St. John’s, Newfoundland from Victoria, British Columbia (about the same distance separates London and Riyadh, or Tokyo and Calcutta).

To drive from one end of the country could take 7-10 days or more (and that assumes you’re not stopping to sight-see on the way). A flight from Toronto to Vancouver takes over 4 hours.

When speaking of specific destinations within Canada, it is better to consider its distinct regions.

In this quite vast country it has most things including, because of the French influence, some amazing restaurants. But, above all, because of its fixation on the healthy life, Canada has a range of spas almost unrivalled elsewhere.

If you know that people come from the United States (especially from California) to Canada for spa treatments – some on a regular basis – then you begin to understand the attractions.

Note that although most of the country, by law, is bi-lingual even in the most French parts around Montréal you will never have a problem with the language.

Let us leave all thought of governments and politics and concentrate, instead, on spas and healthy living. Which is what many Canadians do.


Use of each language outside government varies widely across the country Cleveland med spa . In almost all of the province of Québec, as well as parts of New Brunswick and Ontario, French is the dominant language; in most of the rest of the country, English predominates. Montréal, Ottawa and Moncton have large concentrations of fluently bilingual people. Canada spans six time zones and borders three oceans and covers 9,017,699 sq km (3,481,753 sq miles). now promotes itself as a country of peace and governs itself independently. But it still has the British monarch as its head of state. And, no, that is not easy to explain.

For spa lovers Canada is pretty much the ideal country to visit. It has it has it all, scenery, wonderful sport, exciting cities. So how do you choose in this vast country?

A personal preference is Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Here is where the spa comes to near perfection.

Start by knowing here we are talking about two different destinations: Vancouver Island and Vancouver which is NOT on the island of the same name. Close – a few minutes way – but Vancouver is on the mainland. Both are wonderful places. But very, very different.

Vancouver Island rejoices in climate which is the mildest in Canada, with temperatures on the coast even in January being usually above freezing and in the summer the weather is warm but not oppressive – say 28-33 degrees Celsius. But there is a rain shadow effect so that the west coast typically is very wet — Henderson Lake on the west coast is the wettest place in North America – down to very dry in the provincial capital of Victoria on the southeast coast’s Saanich Peninsula. In a sense you can chose and if you bear in mind rain is most common in the autumn and winter you can be very precise.

Getting there is part of the experience for you can take an awe-inspiring seaplane over the Pacific coastal isles; a journey from Vancouver by ferry; or from Seattle aboard the high-speed ferry via the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Near the centre of Vancouver Island is the 2,500 square kilometres Strathcona Provincial Park, which is part of a group of peaks that include the Comox Glacier. Note that Vancouver is not the only island in the area. There are several others.

For example, Galiano is a long and narrow island, the second largest of the Gulf Islands, and the driest. 25 kilometres long and 9 kilometres wide, it has a population of about 1.000 residents, while Saltspring Island, the largest, has a population of over 12,000.

As far as spas are concerned there are probably over thirty in the whole island group so you are not restricted for choice. Note most of them are destination spas – you stay there as if it was a hotel and some of them are on islands off Vancouver Island. There is a sort of alternative life-style feel about most of these spas. They are for get-away-from-it-all visits.