Samsung mobile phones have the competitive edge over the other brands available in the markets because of their ergonomic features and gorgeous designs. The company has recently launched some fashionable phones that are creating a stir among the mobile lovers. These handsets have already got strong brand names in the mobile phones industry.

Since the phones which have been introduced recently by Samsung are having similar features, therefore mobile lovers often compare them. Samsung F110 Micoach vs Samsung Armani is the latest buzz in the industry. A number of features of these two handsets are alike. Both handsets cater to the fashion loving users and give a tough competition to the other brands.

Samsung Armani is basically a designer phone that has been developed by Samsung in collaboration with Armani Fashion House (AFH). The designers of AFH have given a beautiful design to this device. It is a light weight slim mobile phone that lures the users with its attractive looks. The dimensions are 87.5 x 54.5 x 10.5 mm and its weight is just 85 grams. The 2.6 inch TFT screen automatically catches the attention of viewers because of its extra shining. The multimedia features of Samsung Armani include a 3.15 mega pixel camera, a music player and 60 MB internal memory space. The camera is supported by zoom, auto focus and optical lens. samsung 55au7700

The camera of this phone is capable of producing high quality images even in adverse conditions for photography. One can make video clips also and save them in the phone memory. The music player of this handset delights the music lovers. It produces amazing sound quality and gives wonderful experience to the listeners. It supports all kinds of file formats like MP3, AAC, MP4, etc. A Bluetooth stereo headset is also provided with this mobile device so that users could enjoy music even on move.

Samsung F110 is another beautiful phone that attracts customer’s attention. The features and facilities given in this phone are excellent. Its dimensions are 101.5 x 45 x 14.5 mm and the screen size is 2.0 inch. The TFT screen can show 256K colours which give users a great experience. As far as the multimedia features of this phone are concerned, it has a 2 mega pixel camera and an advanced music player. If one compares the internal memory space, this handset has a better storage capacity than the Armani. It has 1 GB internal storage space that lets users to store a large number of songs and other files.

Both Samsung F110 Micoach and Samsung Armani provide longer talk time on the phone. The talk time on the Armani is up to 6 hours whereas the F110 gives up to 5 hours of talk time. The standby time is 220 hours on the Armani and 210 hours on the F110. Both the handsets are equipped with GPRS and EDGE technologies. Therefore, these devices provide users fast internet access speed. The comparison between Samsung F110 Micoach and Samsung Armani enables users to select their preferred phone. It depends on the users which handset they want to use because both the phones are loaded with advanced facilities.


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