The MGM Grand is one most famous and eye-catching places of all in Las Vegas hotels. It is all over constructed in emerald green. Being at the Las Vegas, you just can’t miss the fact to visit down the strip at MGM Grand Las Vegas casino resort.

MGM Grand is just located on the Las Vegas strip with the dividing of Flamingo Road and also while arriving at McCarran International Airport; it is the first hotel to be seen. It is situated just opposite the Mandalay Bay & Luxor on one side and Excalibur on the other side of the road. It is at a prime location with restrictions to pedestrian walkways at ground levels and although there are intertwining bridges going south and west to the neighboring casinos.

It is an advantage to the pedestrian walkers that the MGM Grand offers an easy access through a monorail which connects the airport as well as to the other casinos like the Flamingo and Bally’s.

The MGM Grand is currently owned by MGM Mirage and is a sister concern casino resort to the likes of the Luxor, Bellagio, and Mandalay Bay. The Grand MGM as a casino is the second MGM casino as the first one got devastated during 80s in a fire. Though the name of MGM casino couldn’t stay out of Las Vegas for a long time and was rebuilt as Bally’s Casino resort in 1986.

During the period of 90s MGM Grand was a bit more of a family oriented place. It was opened in the year 1993 making the use of old Marina resort and at that time casino had a very distinct Wizard of Oz theme. In order to attract more and families there was an amusement park built on a theme. But today the appeal of the people has passed over from history just because the casinos are more youth oriented as a result MGM has got more of a Hollywood Theme.

In the latest competition, MGM Grand survives to be the second largest hotel in the world in the present times. And as a resort it is just next in size when only Venetian casino resort happens to be at the first spot. The hotel in its size itself includes five thousand and forty four rooms to choose from, including just over seven hundred and fifty suites. And also at the lower level price range, The MGM Grand rooms are normally available at somewhat around USD100 per night which shows that MGM has got everything to accommodate most of the requirements. But the prices are highly tentative as the crowd influx grows during the festive season. But the major change in the prices can only be felt in the cost of luxurious rooms and villas.

For eateries and cuisines, The MGM Grand rooms a choice of sixteen different restaurants and two food courts which have some of the most exotic cuisines of the world. There is something to almost everyone’s taste with some of the notable restaurants to be found in the hotel including Craftsteak, a Tom Colicchio restaurant, and Shibuya, a must for those aficionados of Japanese cuisine. For those on a budget spree can enjoy good quality food at the buffets and casual dining available.

As mentioned previously the MGM Grand hotel went through renovations in order to ensure that it also caters to the needs of the youths and adults. This renovation has seen the construction of Studio 54 Las Vegas, a copy of the famous New York nightclub. Additionally the hotel resort is also the permanent home of the KA production from Cirque du Soleil, as well as the Crazy Horse Paris nude revue for adults. The Hollywood theatre also allows some more refined entertainment, although a more or less adult clientele is catered for and is a debatable topic as it was the first venue for “Jerry Springer the Opera”.

The MGM Grand is perhaps best known for its lion habitat that sees several lions on show throughout the day. Tunnels allow guests to get up close to the animals without posing any sort of risks.

The MGM Grand also plays host to several outdoor pools and waterfalls, as well as numerous shops where just about everything can be purchased. Many sports fans are also drawn to the MGM Grand, and the Garden Arena has already been a venue for some of the best sporting events, including boxing bouts and wrestling events.

Las Vegas is primarily about gambling of course, so it is quite customary that the guests at the MGM grand are well catered for their gaming demands. The MGM casino is the largest to be found anywhere on the Strip, and takes up some 171,500 square feet of floor space. The casino floor is filled with a good mixture of table games, slots and sports betting. The table games in particular got something for everyone with craps, baccarat, poker, blackjack and many other games on offer to those looking to gamble.바카라사이트 

The MGM Grand by name is just a grand place to visit. If you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, consider the MGM Grand hotel to the first priority for your comfort and convenience.

The MGM Grand treats you with a grand statue of the MGM lion but to experience the real ones you just have to come inside. Lion habitat is one of the popular attractions that MGM grand has. It gives a sense of adventure while roaming in between their enclosure with only 1/2 inch of glass in between. This attraction is however free of cost and you can also feed the lions twice a day too.

Screening Room

Amongst the other attractions is the CBS movie screening room in which you can watch new CBS shows after which they would ask for opinion. If you are a T.V Junk, you will love this attraction and again it’s all free.

Other Amenities

The other areas of attraction include a marvelous pool area surrounded by rack falls and palm trees. The Arcades, shops, food court all others are a part of resort.

For the Music freaks, the MGM Grand attracts some of the great entertainers alive today. At times you can see Tom Jones and Beyonce Knowles rocking the arena.



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