Evaluation Tips for Fantasy MLB Players!

When it comes to evaluating players,

 we just don’t take it at face value. We should go in deeper and analyze their past performances in order to predict their future performances and if they are worth it to be in our fantasy MLB team. This is what veterans do and here we have gathered tips on evaluating players from fantasy MLB champions and experts.Hitter EvaluationWhat should you look for when making rankings and projections for hitters? Focus on three aspects such as power, place discipline and speed. A hitter who has command of the strike zone is going to put himself in a better position to have a higher batting average than a free swinger. Years of Sabermetric evidence also show these players have a higher ceiling as well. Home runs are a key category in any fantasy game, so we like to see growing home run totals. Remember when players age minor league doubles often turn into home run power. In malaysian horse racing games, speed on the basepaths I an important element mostly but is an overrated factor in the real game.On Base Average – We commonly would like to see a batter above .350 and are worried when a batter is below .300. A low OBA means poor plate discipline and the batting average is a risk to go lower.Sluggish average – We would like a batter above .450 at a minimum and like to see true prospects hit above .500 in the minors (depending on park factors) and are worried when a batter should go lower than .400.Stolen Base Ratio – It’s wonderful when batters get to steal a lot of bases in the minors or early in their careers. On the other hand if their base stealing rate is less than 60% then they are likely costing the team runs and their stolen base attempts may be reduced in the future.Batting Average – Statistical research has shown batting average has a lower relation to runs scored than on base average. Basically there are too many factors (fielding, ballparks) that can cause wild fluctuations in a hitter’s batting average. Command of the strike zone is a better indicator of future batting average than previous trends in batting average alone.RBIs – You can spot a good hitter when he produces RBIs if given a good spot in the order and on a team that can put runners on base.