Advent Wreath Helps Keeps Christ in Christmas

Like Father, like Son: Ten Ways Jesus Christ Reveals God's IdentityOne of the most flattering and highest honors, other than serving in the Reagan Administration itself, came from one of the last persons that the FBI interviewed relative to my appointment. Mr. Frank was told by the FBI agent at the end of his questioning, “Mr. Hancock could be President who is jesus. ” Sadly that statement meant more at the time than it does today.
After questioning numerous interviewees the FBI did not find any “dirt. ” The ego enhancement that followed was in itself proof that this author is not blameless. I knew different. What that FBI agent didn’t know is that i have a safeguard when used to stay clean: confession, forgiveness and a Biblical mandate to live a Holy and Godly life. It can become quite complex when trying to sort out just what do the Mormons believe. On the surface it seems like they are in tune with what Christianity teaches. They believe that Jesus is the Redeemer and the son of God and that his atonement was for all mankind. They will refer to the holy Bible in this regard but then they also depend on another book very strongly over and above the Bible. This is called the book of Mormon. In this book it is declared that their job is to convince the Jews and gentiles that Jesus is the Christ.
According to the Latter-day Saints Church which is the Mormon church Joseph Smith is the one and only prophet that God chose to reveal his new church to. Now its interesting to note about how they promote Joseph as they make the statement that the fundamental principles of their church is simply that Christ was buried arose again the third day and then went on to Heaven. The problem is though that they will say that anything else that is added to this is an appendage. This is something that goes against Christianity as it stands upon the premise that there is to be nothing added extra to God’s holy Word which is contained in the holy Bible.
Another controversy with the Mormons is that they have the strong stand on what they feel that a Christian is which is of course is only within their religion according to them. They also will not tell you that they believe that it is possible that one can still be a Christian and have a different point of view to theirs.
The Mormons have difficulty understanding why Christians will only depend on the one specific book being the Holy Bible. Their argument is that it is inconclusive and that a lot of its information was lost over the years and that it also has not been historical proven. This is their explanation of needing the book written by their prophet Joseph Smith.
They also promote that the word Christian has been used somewhat loosely over the many many years. So in as a word in itself it is really not all that clear. The Mormons who will resort back to history in many cases to stand on their beliefs and to put down some of the beliefs of the Christians as we know it today. They believe that many of the Christian teachings and practices are not true and are in many ways lacking many of the truths and are inadequate to put it as simple as possible. They will tell you that a Christian is a person who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord. This again sounds just exactly as what a Christian would tell you. The difference is that there will be an appendage to this on the behalf of the Mormons where it will not be with the Christians. If you ask any Catholic, they will tell you the season of Advent is a period of penance and preparing their heart for the coming of the Baby Jesus. But although not part of the Holy See’s opinion on Advent, the advent wreath, advent season and the family activities helps families stay focused on the real meaning of the season, Jesus, and not the commercialism Christmas has become.
Advent seems very needed in the present time but would you believe this liturgical season started back in in the fourth century. In its original for it was a period that was to prepare for the Epiphany and it was not originally part of the Christmas season. The Epiphany in the early days of Christianity was the celebration of the Baptism of Jesus but in the more modern time became associated with the arrival of the Wiseman to see the Christ Child. It was during this season originally that people would be baptized and came into the church. They 40 day period was for fasting and preparation. This process has been moved to Easter in the modern time.